Wednesday, May 8, 2013

10 Tips to extend battery life of Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

It's been a week since I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have a small problem - the battery does not last... I charge it till 100% before I sleep, when I wake up there is only 64% battery left.  I went to the Samsung Service Centre, ask my friends on Facebook and search online, here are some tips on how to extend battery life of Samsung Galaxy S4:1) Charge 8-10 hours before first use.  Even when the battery display said 100% full, it still needs that extra time for initial charge. 2) Did you know you're not suppose to use the phone while charging?  Now you know... If you use your phone as your alarm clock, my friend suggest turning the phone off and buy a physical alarm clock instead. 3) Charge it only when there is only 15-20% battery left.  If you charge when it's half full, your battery will die quicker. 4) Clear RAM regularly  -  (press home button for 3 seconds> press left Pie chart button > Click RAM tab and "Clear memory") You can also go to Active Applications tab, click "End" to close unused applications.     5) Check out what is draining your battery (Setting> More tab> Battery) and turn off whatever that is using a lot of battery                                 6) Did you know your smartphone Display take 62% of your battery?   (Setting> My device> Display> Brightness) Turn Brightness to as low as you can tolerate then it will save significant battery.                                           7) Furthermore, in the Wallpaper tab, please don't choose Live wallpaper as it takes a lot of battery (Setting> My device> Display> Wallpaper> home and lock screens> normal Wallpapers)8) Download Power Saving Optimization App, the one I download is Go Power Master. It's a great app that can optimize different levels of Power Saving base on which mode you prefer.   You can click on "Optimize" for fast optimization                         9) Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth if you don't need to use it. (Setting> Connections tab) I went to the extreme of turn off 4G LTE because it takes up too much battery (Setting> Connections> More networks> Mobile Networks> Network mode> from LTE 4G to GSM 3G) 10) buy extra Samsung battery (HK$350) and portable charger. I wanted to buy the Samsung charging kit below but there is currently no charger stock in HK. Please buy genuine battery and charger as you don't want it to explode and hurt yourself.          P.S. Think twice before bringing your phone to Samsung service centre.  I wanted to do a battery check, but I was told they will re-format your phone to factory setting before they can check it due to privacy concerns. Source: - Samsung Service Centre Staff (Hong Kong)-[FAQs] Tablet : How to monitor and extend Battery life on your Galaxy S III -Increase Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy S With 15 Killer Tips-Tips to extend the battery life of your android smartphone

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  2. Most app really consumes and can drain your battery. So in order for you to save much power to your batteries, switch off those apps. I believe that the more you take good care of your phone and the battery, you are prolonging the life of your battery. I learned my lessons on my side because I did not took good care of it that’s why I bought new a new battery. And now, my habits are changed indeed. I will take good care for my phone now